Underdog Electronic Music School


Underdog is an independent online music school where you learn how to make modern electronic music.

Underdog's DNA is built up around "underground" dance music genres: techno, house, hiphop, but also electronica and even pop music. All classes balance the technical aspect of how the music is made, with the artistic aspect of self-expression.

Underdog was founded in Brussels, Belgium before Coronavirus, and moved to a fully digital model in 2020.


Oscar is Underdog's founder, and a broad allrounder in the production area. He specialises in analysing and breaking down dance music tracks into teachable concepts to help students replicate them. His experience as a DJ, producer and multidisciplinary artist gives him the diverse conceptual tools to guide students along their path.

His own music is leftfield electronica and techno under the moniker Torc.

Languages: English, Dutch, French

Maxime is an independent music producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Brussels, specialised in composition and creation (check his website). He has experience in both live and studio worlds, as an artist and as a mixer/producer, which makes him the perfect Swiss army knife when it comes to help people go to the next step in their own musical career. He's now mostly occupied with film scoring for fictions and documentaries.

Languages: English, French

Athila is a notorious musical powerhouse in the Belgian scene. With a 15 year background as a drummer, he took the Drum and Bass scene by storm, winning several contests and playing at Tomorrowland (BE) and Webster Hall (USA). He graduated Cum Laude at Dubspot in New York, and his love for teaching led him to found his own producer school.

Languages: Dutch, English

Bassel is a classically trained cellist with a driving passion for music composition and production. His palette ranges from classical scoring to electronic music, equally at home with acoustic instruments as with synthesizers and drum machines (check his website and his music). He spearheaded the Qotob Trio project, and his Arabic language skills allow Underdog classes to reach an even wider audience.

Languages: Arabic, English

Driss is the mastermind behind the ongoing and critically acclaimed electronic music label, casa voyager, that he runs and curates. He's been djing and producing music since his early teenage years and known for having a wide taste in electronic music and for his focus on club music.

Languages: French, English

Todor is a veteran in the Brussels scene, bringing techno pleasure to partyheads through a career as sound engineer and resident DJ in the Fuse - Brussels' largest techno club. His production skill specialise in clean, technically outstanding techno, and his mixing and mastering skills are the stuff of legend.

Languages: English, French, Bulgarian


  • "Cool guy & great producer! I followed the electronic producing school scene in Belgium for quite some time but none of them met my expectations. I enrolled and couldn't be happier with the very good overview on all aspects regarding producing & mixing. 🐩🐩 WAF WAF FOR UNDERDOG !!"

    – Olivier Roels
  • "Oscar from underdog has helped me develop skills to transform my passion for music into solid projects. I had a clear idea of what I wanted my creations to sound like, but very little knowledge on how to get there. As a beginner I remember I used to feel discouraged for not getting on Ableton exactly that sound that I had in my head, but this quickly changed thanks to the lessons we had. I'm now able to design elements and arrange them in a way that makes my tracks sound interesting from beginning to end, to obtain quality recordings, to treat and add them cohesively to the mix. I highly recommend learning from him!"

    – Gustavo da Costa
  • "Underdog really helped me to grow professionally, before I went there I had many ideas but I didnt know how to put them together, I also met some really nice people and the energy was always great. Keep up the good work guys 👌"

    – Emanuel Ngjeçi
  • "When I was DJ'ing a lot I really wanted to know more about how professionals create the techno tracks that I love so much. After some coaching with Oscar from Underdog, I started to understand and appreciate all the work that goes into even simple techno tracks. Learning Ableton was hard, but Oscar has a really good way of breaking it down into understandable concepts. Highly recommended!"

    – Frederic Noodle VC
  • "I really recommend Oscar’s teaching. He is a true boss when it comes to electronic music: he is a creative force but more importantly - for me - he really knows technology and is able to explain how and what in an easy way. If you want to learn how to make electronic music, do not hesitate to contact him. Thanks to Oscar my music production took a quantum leap!"

    – Gijs Ramboer