Underdog Electronic Music School



  • At Underdog we work with talented producers with many years of experience, ready to help you improve your skills.
  • Individual coaching may be for you if you...
    • Want to improve at the fastest possible rate
    • Want to learn at your own tempo, outside class hours
    • Are feeling like you've hit a plateau, like you need someone to guide you through to your next artistic or technical breakthrough
    • Need artistic coaching and direct feedback on what's working, what's not working, and how to proceed
  • Coaching is the fastest way to understand what concepts you are missing to achieve your goals. Coaching focuses on you as the artist and your artistic project. One hour of coaching can save you weeks of trial-and-error and frustration.
  • The coaching can take place in real life (in Brussels), or through Zoom. You're also welcome to visit the home studio of the teachers, or attend professional studio sessions together. We'll tailor-make this approach to your needs.


Oscar specialises in introducing students to the 360° of the production world and helping them develop their first tracks. He focuses on critical listening, analysing & reproducing reference tracks. His specialised genres are percussive techno and distorted sound design, but his range is very broad and extends to all electronic genres. (EN/NL/FR)
Todor is a techno guru, with deep experience in DJing and production. He has a talent for mixing, mastering, and giving students feedback with a strong technical angle. (EN/FR/BU)
Maxime is an independent music producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Brussels, specialised in composition and creation of audio content. He has experience in both live and studio worlds, as an artist and as a mixer/producer, which makes him the perfect Swiss army knife when it comes to help people go to the next step in their own musical career. He's now mostly occupied with film scoring for fictions and documentaries. (EN/FR)
Driss is a dancefloor specialist with a track record in consistently producing records that get people's feet moving. He has particular skill in sampling, mixing, and running his record label. (FR/EN)

Bassel is a classically trained cellist with a driving passion for music composition and production. His palette ranges from classical scoring to electronic music, equally at home with acoustic instruments as with synthesizers and drum machines (check his website and his music). He spearheaded the Qotob Trio project, and his Arabic language skills allow Underdog classes to reach an even wider audience. (AR/EN)

Athila is a notorious musical powerhouse in the Belgian scene. With a 15 year background as a drummer, he took the Drum and Bass scene by storm, winning several contests and playing at Tomorrowland (BE) and Webster Hall (USA). He graduated Cum Laude at Dubspot in New York, and his love for teaching led him to found his own producer school. (EN/NL)