Underdog Electronic Music School



  • Learn the fundamentals of electronic dance music. Start from zero, and within 6 weeks you'll be finishing your first tracks.
  • 6 weeks (12 group classes) offering an overview of all the basic skills to get started as an electronic music producer. Classes are Tuesday & Thursday, 18h30-20h30, online via Zoom.
  • These are small group classes with experienced teachers who will have attention for you and your needs. No video tutorials, no premade content, just real learning.
  • Get familiar with the workflow of electronic music production thanks to the underdog "bootcamp roadmap". Follow the roadmap to completing a full track, and then adapt that roadmap to your own needs afterwards.
  • Develop your ear to listen with a technical perspective. Learn to solve the most common technical problems to ensure your productions shine.
  • Learn the basic musical concepts you need to start writing effective basslines, harmony and melodies.
  • Individual coaching to help design your production goals and learning journey.
  • All classes are taught online, using Zoom. You can join from wherever, as long as you have an internet connection.

Next Starting Dates

Course price: €499


No prior knowledge necessary. This is a course for absolute beginners. You should have a computer, headphones, and Ableton's free trial version.

Deep dive


  • The deep dive is an advanced music production class for people who want to start really finishing tracks. It is a combination of advanced production classes, project work and coaching that ensure that at the end of 3 months, you will be autonomously making tracks that are good enough to be sent to labels or played on the radio.
  • The course spans 24 classes, typically on Monday & Wednesday, 18h30-20h30. Classes and coachings are given online.
  • During workshops, students bring in their own projects, and together we analyse and develop them. During the seminars we'll go deeper into technical concepts like synthesis, arrangement, recording, analog synths, mixing, and live performance.
  • The course will dig deep on the genre-specific details of your genre of choice, including urban/hiphop music, and techno/house/trance music, or even IDM and left-field electronica.
  • Get personal followup throughout, with continuous feedback on your productions. In the class we will listen to your projects and together we will problem-solve them to make them shine.
  • As a bonus, students signing up for the deep dive get automatic free access to the synth workshops and behind the scenes tours happening around Brussels.

Next Starting Date

  • 11 January 2021

Course price: €999


If you are familiar with the basic functions of your DAW and started trying to finish tracks, you know enough to join the Deep Dive. Classes are taught using Ableton Live, but the concepts also apply to other software.


All classes are taught online, using Zoom. You can join from wherever, as long as you have an internet connection.