Underdog Electronic Music School



  • Synth workshops: Underdog classes mostly take place online via Zoom, but that's not all we do. At the end of the day, there's nothing quite as satisfying as showing up in real life, grabbing the knob on an analogue synthesizer, and making those machines sing and dance. That's why Underdog regularly organises physical one-shot events to get your hands dirty.
  • DJ workshops: What's the point of making dance music if you can't perform dance music? Learn from veteran DJs how to spin records, how to mix tracks into sets that transport people, and get insight into how to compose your own music if you want it to be effective for the dancefloor!
  • Field trips: Music is much broader than just what happens in the studio. Underdog teachers will take you to visit cultural locations like nightclubs, record stores, and concert halls so you can learn how it all fits together, and what it might take to get out there and connect with people yourself.